We realize that people who come to the tropics and to Rumours Luxury Villas & Spa are doing so because they love the warm climate, sun and outdoor living that the island offers. With this in mind, all our villas have their own kayaks sitting on the sand beside the deck area. The kayaks are all fitted with small anchors, which allow you to take the kayaks out into the deeper waters of the lagoon, anchor them, and slip over the side with your snorkeling gear which has been tucked into the kayak hatch, and view the teeming fish life nibbling at the edges of the coral boulders deep in the water. Of course we provide the snorkeling gear for you to do this in the office as well. Many hours of enjoyment can be obtained just being in the lagoon enjoying the huge variety of fish life and often a tap by a curious fish on your goggles can add to your snorkeling enjoyment.

Our staff will be very happy to arrange any tour/day trip you may decide you want to take when staying, and these could range from Dive Trips (and these operate from several Dive Companies, twice a day, 7 days a week, with the option of night dives as well). Maybe you would rather enjoy the fun of spending a few hours on a Raro Safari Tour, where you will be taken four wheel driving up into the hills to enjoy the spectacular views back over the island, the motus and the lagoon/reef.

If your interests lie in fishing, then there are daily fishing charter boat trips – some of our guests have returned raving about their “fish stories” and the size of the Tuna they managed to catch (or nearly catch but just got away as they were landing them)!

If your are interested in the Island’s Culture, then the Cultural Village will be the place to go where the interesting history of the island and outer islands will be explained and you can view examples of the local women’s handiwork and what the culture means to the islanders today.

Island walks, or island trekking for the more fitter and adventurous is available daily and again once established on the trek or walk, the views become breathtaking in their beauty and the effort expended is well repaid.

No matter whether you are here on a romantic honeymoon or an adventure vacation, there are activities for everyone in Rarotonga, and at Rumours we will gladly help you experience as much or as little as you like.