Rumour's spa treatments are repeatedly voted the best in Rarotonga.  Our body scrubs combine pure scents to soothe the mind, while removing the outermost layer of dead skin, revealing soft supple, younger looking skin to be seen, felt and envied. Each treatment concludes with a relaxing vichy shower and application of nourishing body cream to moisturize and protect your skin.

Organic Ginger & Cinnamon Salt Scrub
Ginger is warming, stimulating and grounding, it helps relieve aches and pains and regulates moisture on the skin. Cinnamon has a soothing calming effect on the body & mind.

Brown Sugar & Organic Lemon Scrub
Lemon firms and strengthens skin cells and tightens blood vessels. Its citrus properties balances out dry skin and is known to help smooth out cellulite. The aroma helps to clear the mind allowing you to go into a deep relaxed state.

Sea Salt, Jasmine & Vanilla Scrub
Sea salt is beneficial to the skin, it is universally accepted that sea salts can have a wonderful effect on circulation and metabolism. Combined with jasmine, this helps to moisturize weather exposed skin, and with a hint of vanilla to sooth the mind.

Sugar, Salt & Crushed Almond Scrub
Sugar is alpha-hydroxy rich to give you glowing skin, it also stimulates and circulates lymphatic fluids and moisturizes and restores skin cells. Sea salt contains many minerals beneficial to the body; it helps to combat stress and fluid rentention, slows skin aging and calms the nervous system. Almonds are especially effective for treating dry and sensitive skin, leaving it feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Chocolate & Coconut Scrub
For all you chocoholics! Cocoa is known to increase the hydration of skin & blood circulation, and promotes smoothness & suppleness. Combined with ‘nu’ (coconut) gives richness to the cocoa that does provide both a cleansing and moisturizing experience for your skin.

Honey & Frangipani Scrub
Honey helps to promote alpha hydroxy acids which exfoliate the skin and reveal new skin cells, it also effectively relieves sunburn pain and razor burn. Frangipani is known for having a calming effect and is thought to restore inner peace & harmony.


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