To live in the Cook Islands is a privilege and a blessing

Lately I have had the time to sit back and reflect on the amazing journey we have been on with Rumours Luxury Villas and Spa. The most amazing part of it all of course is to be able to live in the beautiful Cook Islands.  This Country offers everything you would expect from a tropical Island, and more.  From the picturesque white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, to the wonderful culture, this Island nation really does have it all.  

When we are asked about activities on the Island it never ceases to amaze me just how much there is to do here. For the adventure seekers there is snorkelling, scuba diving, hiking, deep-sea fishing, boat tours, scenic flights, and kayaks.  On some of the Islands you can even hire a moped to zip around the island!  Personally, I love to relax on the beach with a good book and the occasional dip, and for this Rumours is the perfect location. With our Villas far enough away from the larger resorts you practically have the beach to yourself  Our location on the Island also means we get to see the sunrise.  I have lost count of how many spectacular sunrises I have seen here, sometimes with a glass of champagne to welcome the day!

For my cultural fix I love the music here.The Cook Islanders are incredibly talented with both their singing and dancing.  I have witnessed some fantastic festivals that they hold throughout the year, the combination of modern music with traditional ukuleles made from coconut shells gives a very unique sound.  I have also visited many churches on Rarotonga on a Sunday, the beautiful a capella singing is something everyone should hear during their lifetime. 

I have also been very privileged to witness some stunning weddings here at Rumours.  One of the advantages of living in a temperate climate is that we can hold weddings all year round.  An intimate ceremony on a white sandy beach is what I consider truly romantic.

Yes it would be fair to say I have experienced it all here in Rarotonga – the adventure, the culture, the romance.  I’ve explored lush rainforests, driven the coastline, danced to drums, drunk out of a coconut, fed tropical fish from a kayak, and best of all – I’ve slept on the beach. 

And as I watch the pink sky welcome the moon rising over the water, I am thankful for the unique opportunity to be able to live in what I consider to be ‘Paradise’.


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