How Technology In Rarotonga Has Improved Our Resort Experience

Over the last 5 years there have been some amazing advances in technology and we are able to enjoy them while living in the tropical island paradise of Rarotonga. As the owner of Rumours Luxury Villas and Spa I have a vested interest in how these advances can enhance tourism and tourists alike in Rarotonga.  We have worked very hard at ensuring our guests have access to the right type of technology while on holiday at our resort, and that they are also informed about what is available.

Facebook is an example of one of the additions we have made to our marketing strategy.  This is a fantastic way to stay engaged with those guests who have stayed with us, and it also gives us the opportunity to share information about our resort and Rarotonga with future guests.  Currently we have over 2,700  people who ‘like’ Rumours on Facebook, and this number grows every time we have new visitors stay.  I like Facebook for the fact that we can post specials and news and our ‘followers’ get the information instantly. 

Access to the internet is also important for some of our guests.  We are able to provide WiFi for all our luxury villas and there are currently 70+ WiFi locations around Rarotonga that you can connect to. 

A new application is also available on itraveller (through iTunes).  This ‘App’ provides information on where to go and what you can see.  It includes a fully zoomable offline map with interactive guide, GPS positioning and points of interest nearby, driving directions, landmarks, shopping, restaurants etc.  The App is compatible to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

An example of new technology introduced to Rumours is the amazing addition of a 2.5 metre screen and projection system in our ‘Ultimate Beachfront Villa’.  We recognise that while our guests are here to relax by the beach and/or pool, come the evening one of the ultimate ways to relax is in front of a great movie. The large screen is a luxury item that some guests will not have at home, so we hope it may be as memorable as the facilities and tropical beachfront setting that our guests enjoy.

So we will continue to watch with interest the advances and changes with technology and the internet, and where possible use these to our best advantage to enhance our guests’ stay here in Rarotonga.