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Yearly Archives: 2014

Rarotonga Whale Shark Adventure

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A recent guest of Rumours Luxury Villas and Spa had an amazing once in a lifetime experience while out fishing with local Marlin Queen Fishing Charters off Rarotonga. The keen Australian fisherman and his fellow anglers were in the process of reeling in Tuna when a Whale Shark approached their boat.  The 8-10 metre shark then nudged it's head against the outboard motor, only to return to butt the motor again, before disappearing back into the deep.

Rarotonga Whale Shark

Our guest managed to get some incredible video footage of the inquisitive creature, who whale experts say was probably just being curious rather than aggressive.

The Cook Island News spoke to Ali Haible, daughter of whale researcher Nan Hauser, who said whale sharks are fairly common in Rarotongan waters and are known for their curiosity. "Humpback whales here wont usually come up to the boat but whale sharks are pretty brave and friendly," she said.

Whale sharks live for between 70 and 100 years and the average adult is 41 feet long and weighs 21 tonnes.  Haible said the enormous fish tend to hang out around the FADs (fish aggregation devices) and tuna schools. The exciting day was topped off by one of the fishermen landing an 85kg marlin!

Farewell Charlotte Dawson, a guest and friend of Rumours

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The Management and staff at Rumours in Rarotonga are shocked by the news that Charlotte Dawson has died, and we would like to send our heart-felt thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.

Charlotte first came to stay at Rumours a few years ago when filming/presenting a segment on a TV Travel Show on Luxury Villas in the Cook Islands, and on that occasion Rumours was the property of choice for this show. 

Obviously she really enjoyed her time with us as the following year she returned for a private holiday. During these two stays we got to know Charlotte as a vibrant and enthusiastic person who was very down to earth and genuine.  She took her work very seriously, but still enjoyed having a glass of wine and an informal chat, and it was during her second visit that we got to know her as a person a little more.  She was just a very nice lady and will be missed all the more because of it. Rumours Management and Staff