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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Three Reasons to Visit Rumours Rarotonga: 1 - Wonderful Weather

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The most obvious reason that jumps to mind when thinking of a holiday destination is the weatherEverybody wants a sunny and warm holiday, and even though it has been summer in Europe and the United States the weather has been anything but thatI have been watching the international weather reports on the news lately and like most I am shocked at how bad the weather seems to be this yearThe United Kingdom suffered a wet and cold summer, the United States has had tropical storms and severe drought to contend with, Australia’s winter has seen devastating floods and New Zealand is also feeling the effects of a winter deluge!  
Meanwhile here in the Cook Islands we consistently have stunning weatherBecause we are in the southern hemisphere we have just finished our ‘winter season’, that means the average temperature was about 25 °C (77 °F) with the occasional high reaching 28°C (82 °F)And even though we get occasional rain or a storm pass through, the weather stays warm and so does the water!  For the odd time that it does rain, or in the cooler evenings, our guests have the option of private pools and spa pools to relax in  We also have our award winning ‘Waterfall Spa’ facility which is a purpose built luxury Spa where our guests can unwind and enjoy exclusive beauty/spa treatments at the hands of our incredibly talented therapists.