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Monthly Archives: September 2010

November Tiare Festival Rarotonga Cook Islands

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The year is waltzing along rapidly and when we just listed on our website our next great special offer in these luxury villas, we realised just how close we are actually getting to the end of 2010 and it becomes quite a scary thing to realise how quickly the months go by. Rumours has been really busy most of this year and we have not only had delightful guests, some return home and continue to keep in touch, so that they are more than past guests, they instead become closer than that,  and with the high level now of returning guests, it becomes a matter of catching up again with old friends. One of the things we love to see from guests who have returned home a few months later, is pictures of their “Rumours” baby – and this has happened on quite a few occasions, which is a great endorsement for the romance that these villas provide ! As mentioned above, we have just posted our next special offer for stays during November, and this is a great month to come to Rarotonga,  because the annual Tiare Festival runs from November 8 – 13th, and it is a floral celebration featuring of course the Tiare flower as it’s theme,  a float parade, a teen beauty pageant, workplace decorations, floral arrangements and lots of competitions to enter if you feel so inclined. With the island flowers coming into their best at this time of the year, it is a festival that many visitors to the island shores really enjoy, so if you can get away in November, email us and see if there is a villa available for the time period you are thinking of.   The villas in Aitutaki are also on a special offer, so if you can sneak a few more days – how about enjoying some time out there as well. On another note, the Spa villas have new kitchens fully completed and these are now in keeping with the high standard of the rest of the villa.   Great use of space has been achieved and although the kitchens were a little late in being completed due to shipping hassles into the Cook Islands  (or should I say lack of shipping at the time needed), they were worth waiting for and look amazing. Till next time, The team at Rumours